Heat Recovery Systems

Achieve efficiencies up to 800% with our specialist heat recovery units.

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Heat Recovery Systems

An energy efficient and sustainable solution for process heat recovery and cooling.

MasterTherm heat recovery systems have been applied to notable projects all over Europe including the cooling of supercomputers, nuclear physics research devices and the manufacturing process of coated materials. 

With outputs up to 92kW from a single unit as standard, we are also able to custom engineer units for specialist applications and deliver cascade systems up to 2MW. We construct our heat pumps using premium-grade components from world-leading manufacturers to ensure a robust and reliable design and outstanding performance levels. 

Capable of simultaneously heating and cooling with hot water at 84°C and chilled water down to 0°C, we deliver exceptional performance levels and efficiencies of up to 800%, reducing operating costs whilst streamlining your system and operations.

Along with improving your system efficiency and reducing your operating costs, heat pumps will enable your company to lower its carbon emissions and contribute to the UK carbon net zero targets.

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MasterLAN Application

Most heat pumps have the ability to offer 'heating energy' and 'cooling energy' either actively or passively but with the MasterLAN application the management of the actual heating and cooling capacities of MasterTherm heat pumps is far more controlled, balanced and efficient when compared against other manufacturers. With the MasterLAN application, a heating and cooling solution can be provided using the unique control system, without the need for a reversible unit. MasterLAN will control the multiple set points of each unit at the given conditions to ensure that the energy is going to the right place at the right time.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Our heat pumps are internet-connected allowing your team and ours to remotely monitor the system. In the event that anything ever does go wrong, our online dashboard enables faster fault finding to have the system operating as normal in next to no time. 

Intelligent Zoning

MasterTherm allows the highest possible level of control of heating and cooling circuits. Up to 6 heating circuits and can be linked and controlled by the heat pump system including solar thermal hot water systems, this allows for multiple zones of varying flow temperatures.


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