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At MasterTherm we specialise in high efficiency heat pumps for commercial and industrial energy systems. For over 25 years we’ve been pioneering heat pump technology and our products have been used for  projects all around the world including the cooling of supercomputers, heating of historic buildings and heat recovery for scientific research devices.

Our heat pumps are crafted from premium components for long-lasting design and provide industry-leading SCOP ratings up to 5,02, to significantly reduce your operating costs.

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Heat Recovery Heat Pump
Commercial Ground Source Heat Pumps

Commercial Ground Source Heat Pumps

Our ground source heat pumps are the most advanced in the UK and can offer outputs up to 92kW for a single fixed output heat pump, 7-45kW for a single inverter heat pump or up to 2MW in a cascade system. By developing and manufacturing both fixed output and inverter ground source heat pumps we can ensure the best possible solution is presented based on your business needs and building specification.

Each of our heat pumps is constructed by hand using premium components,  enabling us to offer customisation options, altering the performance of our heat pumps to specifically cater to your requirements. 


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Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps

Our inverter-driven air to water heat pumps can provide outputs up to 35kW with a single unit and the ability to cascade up to 16 units out of the box, delivering on-demand space heating, hot water and active cooling if required. Our air source heat pumps are capable of operating in temperatures as low as -20°C for year-round reliability.

Low noise impellers combined with modulation flow results in minimum airflow and noise disturbance ensuring that our heat pumps are amongst the quietest on the UK market.


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Commercial Air Source Heat Pump Installation


Commercial Ground Source Heat Pumps


Simultaneous Heating & Cooling

Utilising MasterTherm's bespoke MasterLAN algorithm and controls, MasterTherm heat pump systems have the ability to offer simultaneous heating and cooling to buildings, manufacturing processes and numerous other applications. Using the unique control system, there's no need for a seperate reversible unit. MasterLAN will control the multiple set points of each unit at the given conditions to ensure that the energy is going to the right place at the right time.

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Heat Recovery

We offer specialist heat recovery units which can be used to collect waste heat created during manufacturing processes or from industrial level equipment such as supercomputers. This heat can then be redistributed for effective purposes such as delivering heating and hot water to office spaces or for another part of a manufacturing process which requires heat. By implementing a heat recovery system you can maximise efficiency and reduce operational costs by using more renewable energy, simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of your company.


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Heat Recovery Units



Commercial Heat Pump Models


Why Choose MasterTherm?

Inverter Technology

Maximum efficiency and increased unit lifespan.


Online Control

Sophisticated online controls with remote monitoring features.

Zone Control

Intelligent Zoning

Enhanced zone control plus solar thermal integration for one simple to manage system.




Weather Compensation

Weather Compensation

MasterTherm heat pumps self-optimise taking outdoor weather temps and forecasts into consideration.


Heating and Cooling

Simultaneous Heating & Cooling

Heat one area whilst cooling another for process manufacturing and heat recovery.

Low Noise Output

Noise Control

Equipped with state of the art DC fans and modulation flow to result in minimum noise disturbance.