Heat Pumps for Property Developments

Volume supply of advanced air and ground source heat pumps for energy efficient homes.

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The Future Homes Standard is shaping the way we design and build new homes, with particular attention to improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. From 2025 new regulations are ensuring that fossil fuels will no longer have a place in new build homes and we're already seeing a switchover taking place as property developers commit to building more sustainable homes in order to meet carbon net zero targets by 2050.

At MasterTherm we work with property developers and their relevant teams to supply ground and air source heat pumps for reliable, high efficiency energy systems that deliver significant energy bill savings and exceptional comfort.

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New Build Houses

Benefits for Homebuyers

As a 'fit and forget' technology, the benefits offered by heat pumps systems for homeowners are unrivalled, attracting more buyers to your developments:

  • A smart self-optimising system - MasterTherm heat pumps factor in weather forecasts and variable electricity tariff pricing to deliver preferred temperatures and heating schedules at the highest efficiency and lowest cost to significantly reduce energy bills.
  • Low maintenance and long lifespan -  thanks to our inverter technology our heat pumps benefit from longer lifespans of around 20-25 years.
  • Remote monitoring - This convenient feature allows engineers to provide remote diagnostics and if ever a heat pump needs attention, our approved engineers can often get it running again without needing to set foot on the property to save time and call out costs. 
  • Low noise output - our heat pumps are equipped with low noise impellers and modulation flow for noise control, making them among the quietest units on the UK market.
  • Simple controls - Our pGDx touch screen control is an easy-to-use interface which allows residents to monitor temperatures, energy usage and even energy cost*

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*Dependent on energy provider used by resident

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Shared Ground Loops

Shared ground loops offer a way of significantly reducing cost of ground works associated with the installation of ground source heat pumps. Ground loops are used to collect energy from the earth, circulating it to the heat pump where are compressor raises the temperature to a suitable level before it's directed to the heat distribution system e.g. radiators and hot water tanks. Shared ground loops are installed in boreholes which are drilled to depths of around 100m on average and instead of one borehole per property, a single borehole can provide enough heat energy for two or more properties (depending on depth of the borehole and size of the properties). Each property is fitted with its own heat pump so that residents have full control over their energy usage.

Shared ground loops provide benefits such as reduced ground work costs and faster installation. Lasting as long as 100+ years, ground loops present a new opportunity for property developers who can retain ownership of the infrastructure or sell it seperately to the properties. The owner of the ground loops can then charge a monthly connection fee in the same way a typical utility company would to generate revenue.

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Shared Ground Loops

Why Choose MasterTherm?

Inverter Technology

Maximum efficiency and increased unit lifespan.


Online Control

Sophisticated online controls with remote monitoring features.

Zone Control

Intelligent Zoning

Enhanced zone control plus solar thermal integration for one simple to manage system.




Weather Compensation

Weather Compensation

MasterTherm heat pumps self-optimise taking outdoor weather temps and forecasts into consideration.



 Passive & Active Cooling

Our heat pumps can also provide passive and active cooling for year-round comfort.

Low Noise Output

Noise Control

Equipped with state of the art DC fans and modulation flow to result in minimum noise disturbance.