Residential Heat Pumps

Lower your carbon footprint and your energy bills with our range of highly efficient inverter heat pumps.

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Live in comfort with MasterTherm


A smart, self-optimising system for heating and cooling.

Our range of air and ground source heat pumps deliver year-round comfort at low operating costs. As specialists in the design, development and manufacture of heat pumps, each of our units are expertly crafted from high-quality components for outstanding performance and long-lasting design. 

With a 7 year warranty and online connectivity as standard, you'll have peace of
mind and complete control of your system at your fingertips thanks to
our pioneering pGDx Controller and smartphone app.

If you install a heat pump before the 31st March 2022 you can also benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive and receive payments every quarter for 7 years.



Ground Source Heat Pumps

Our ground source heat pumps offer exceptional efficiency all year round, with SCOP ratings up to 5,02 (A+++) and outputs ranging from 1- 92kW - providing scope for homes of every size. Our heat pumps are first-choice for high-specification properties thanks to their superior performance and enhanced zone control and ability to easily connect with swimming pools and solar thermal to provide one complete system. We also offer the most advanced compact heat pump available in the UK, the AQ17i, providing the perfect solution for smaller properties.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are a popular choice with homeowners, particularly for existing properties as they can be installed quickly, in as little as 1-2 days. Our BoxAir Inverter is a high performance air to water heat pump available in outputs of 5-22kW and achieving SCOP ratings up to 4,49 (A+++). We also provide commercial grade air source heat pumps for properties with a higher heat demand and can cascade two or more units to deliver signifcant outputs.


Why Choose MasterTherm for Your Home?

Inverter Technology

Maximum efficiency and increased unit lifespan.


Online Control

Control your MasterTherm heat pump via browser or smartphone app.

Zone Control

Intelligent Zoning

Enhanced zone control plus solar thermal integration and swimming pool heating functionality.




Weather Compensation

Weather Compensation

MasterTherm heat pumps automatically optimise and factor in outdoor temperatures.


Heating and Cooling

Simultaneous Heating & Cooling

Heat one area whilst cooling another to deliver comfort for all preferences.

Low Noise Output

Noise Control

Equipped with state of the art DC fans and modulation flow to result in minimum noise disturbance.

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