Case Study: Water Source



Part of a larger countryside estate, these two residential properties are located near to a large lake. The owner of the properties wanted to install a new, updated heating system which would also reduce utility costs for the residents renting the properties. As the properties are so close to the lake a closed loop water to water heat pump system was designed to maximise efficiency and reduce costs associated with groundworks. Each property has been fitted with an AQ17i, the UK's most advanced compact heat pump - enabling the residents to set their own preferred heating temperatures and schedules.  



Key Facts

Property: 2 x Residential units located next to a lake

Location: Carmarthenshire

Heat Pump Type: Ground/Water Source

Heat Pump Model: 2 x AQ17i AquaMaster Inverters (1-5kW each)

Total Output: 1 - 5kW (each property has its own heat pump)




Lakeside Properties


AQ17i Ground Source Heat Pump


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