Case Study: Teddington Cricket Club



Located in Bushy Park in Richmond upon Thames, Teddington Cricket Club dates back to 1863 and the second world war where it was used as headquarters for the planning of Operation Overlord (D-Day). Reed Watts Architecture were given the project of redesigning the club with a focus on conservation and sustainability - paying homage to the history of the building whilst ensuring the building was efficient and continued to serve as a hub for the local community. In 2021 renovations were completed with the addition of a AquaMaster Inverter AQ90i ground source heat pump installed by Baystar Energy


Key Facts

Property: 600m² renovated cricket club in a grade I listed park

Heat Pump Type: Ground Source

Heat Pump Model: 1 x AquaMaster Inverter AQ90i

Combined Output: 7 - 45kW

Installer: Baystar Energy


Teddington Cricket Club
Ground Source Heat Pump at Teddington


Cricketers at Teddington


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