Case Study: New Build Family Home



This property was constructed using high quality insulation resulting in the best U values. An AQ45i ground source heat pump was installed with an output of 7-22kW to provide heating, hot water and passive cooling. Passive cooling can be used during summer months to take heat from the floor via the underfloor heating and transfer it back into the ground loops, this is then absorbed into the ground, recharging it ready for winter and helping to lower the ambient temperature within the home.  


Key Facts

Property: New build family home - 441m²

Heat Pump Type: Ground Source Heat Pump

Heat Pump Model: 1 x AquaMaster Inverter AQ45i

Combined Output: 7 - 22W

Ground Collector: 3 x 125m Vertical Boreholes

Installer: Ecowright Energy


New Build Family House
MasterTherm AquaMaster heat pump
AquaMaster Inverter Heat Pump

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