Case Study: Hall Garth Hotel



For this property, only split phase electricity was available on-site. This limited the options available for installing multiple heat pumps due to the amount of electricity generated by the system. MasterTherm’s Inverter technology with zero starting current, though, allowed us to offer two arrays of 10 MasterTherm AquaMaster AQ45i (22kW each) in Master-Slave Cascade connection. These arrays would total a 440kW ground source heat pump system which provides 95% of the yearly onsite heating and hot water requirements. The new ground source heat pump system is integrated with the existing natural gas boilers on-site as a backup and for peak energy requirements. The heat is distributed over a district heating system for:

  • Domestic hot water
  • Radiators in all the hotel rooms and public areas
  • Swimming pool and jacuzzi
  • Pub
  • Gym and spa

Over 17km of ground collector pipe was laid around the perimeter of the golf course scrub land area to absorb the energy stored in the ground from radiant sunlight. This energy is then compressed by the heat pump up to 50°c for use around the hotel complex.


Key Facts

Property: Luxury country hotel dating back to the 15th century

Heat Pump Type: Ground Source

Heat Pump Model: 20 x AquaMaster Inverter AQ45i's (7-22kW each)

Combined Output: 7 - 440kW



Hall Garth Hotel
Hall Garth Hotel Front


Hall Garth Hotel Heat Pumps

New design of the BoxAir iInverter

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