Case Study: Concrete Beam Factory



Litecast is a Nuneaton-based supplier of concrete beams and block flooring. In 2020 the company completed work on a new 5,400 sqm factory - with the potential to double their production capacity to 72,000 linear metres of cast concrete beams per week, compared with 42,000 linear metres at the old site. Excluding the cost of the freehold land, Litecast has invested £10m in the new facility. The progressive company is also aiming to become carbon-neutral and as a result the site is gas-free. The heat for the moulds and the concrete comes from MasterTherm AquaMaster heat pumps installed by Hex Energy. In spring 2021 a solar pv system will be fitted on the roof of the factory to provide renewable electricity to power the heat pumps. By using heat pumps to heat the four new concrete mould beds Litecast can speed up their curing process and reduce additives.


Key Facts

Property: 5,400 sqm Factory

Location: Nuneaton

Heat Pump Type: MasterTherm AquaMaster

Heat Pump Model: Custom AQ100.2ZHX

Total Output: 97kW

Installer: Hex Energy


Litecast Factory
MasterTherm Heat Pumps


Litecast Factory Production Area


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